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About Wellington Medical Practice



Ongoing Issues with Telephone Access  

Thank you for your patience

We thank our patients who have provided comments below to help improve our services for patients


“Main challenge is getting through on the phone in the morning! More channels/options would be appreciated.”

"...difficult to get someone on the phone"


We understand this real problem getting through on the phones and we are sorry for any inconvenience/worry caused.

February 2017

The current phone line capacity is limited and we are working with the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) to open more lines on the existing phone system. As per the news feed more phone lines have been installed in February 2017 as an intermim measure. The number of lines has increased form 15 to 21. We have also recorded a new welcome message about other ways of accessing services without calling the practice e.g. registering for online access

The next stage is changing the telephone system to a system called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which again the CCG is helping all practices with in the Telford and Wrekin Area.

This will allow more lines as well as options for patients to select when calling.

May 2017

Redcentric presented to all GP practices promoting the new software and phone system which will help practices with incoming call volumes as well as other equipment available.

June 2017

We have met with the CCG to get an urgent update on the progress of this new phone system.

We have stressed how important it is for our patients to have a new phone system and we can reassure our patients that the CCG have committed to updating the phone lines with help from Redcentric telecommunications.

Redecentric have asked our practice for floor plans in early June which we have submitted. This is with the intention of a site visit to assess the existing phone lines as well as plan the level of upgrades needed.

We are now waiting for an update from Redcentric for an exact site plan visit. From this visit Redcentric should be able to commit to an upgrade date.

We will update patients as progress occurs and as described above we are waiting for Redcentric to provide  us with exact timelines.

We are sorry that patients have to experience being cut off multiple times and thank you for your understanding.



About Wellington Medical Practice


Wellington Medical Practice serves a patient population of approximately 14,500 patients.

 From the 1st of April 2017 the practice has been led by five GP partners.

 The five clinical partners who are all experienced GPs are

            Dr T O’Brien       Dr D Ebenezer    Dr N Singh    Dr J Ebenezer     Dr R Kaur                      


With the help of our experienced reception and admin staff as well as our treatment room team we aim to provide a high level of care to our patients

 A full summary of your healthcare team at Wellington Medical Practice can be found on ‘The Team’ tab above.

 Our guiding principles as a practice are summarised below


For our patients


·         The right care at the right time 

We aim to deliver safe and fair healthcare for our patients at the appropriate time based on medical need. This will involve the use of telephone consultations to better understand patients’ medical needs so the delivery of care can be prioritised.

 ·         Working together with patients to deliver a holistic health service

This means we may not always prescribe a drug. Tablets are only part of the treatment for most medical problems. We will guide patients to other resources or sources of help and will work closely with other organisations to support our patients. 

·         Promoting self-care

We aim to helping patients better understand their conditions through support so patients have confidence with their medical problems. This is especially important for long term conditions like Diabetes and High blood pressure.  It is equally important for self-limiting problems like viral illnesses.


For our staff


·         Every member of staff at Wellington Medical Practice is a healthcare provider, not just our doctors

Our reception and admin team are as important as our clinical team.

Our reception and administrative team have been involved in our new patient care pathways, have shared patient experiences with the clinicians to help improve care and have been a major part in recent changes to the services to deliver better patient care.

Likewise health care is delivered by our administrative team without whom services would not be able to function.

Our nurses and our health care assistant teams deliver high quality care and services as detailed in the ‘Services’ page above.

·         We support our staff in a happy work environment so they can support our patients

We value our staff and will help each other deliver effective health care. We will also ensure our practice is a friendly, safe and supportive atmosphere to work in.


 For our future NHS


·         We will encourage and train the next generation of health care providers

We will continue to train medical students, junior doctors, GP trainees as well as nurses and other members of the clinical team.

We would like to thank our patients who see our medical students and trainees as it will help train the next generation of health care providers.

We will continue to train our reception and admin staff to continue to deliver high quality health care for our patients.



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Pamela Collins
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